Fei Miao

Assistant Professor

Computer Science & Engineering

University of Connecticut

Curriculum Vitae

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Email: fei.miao[at]uconn[dot]edu

Address: 441 ITE Building, Storrs Mansfield, CT

I am looking for self-motivated PhD students with interests and expertise in optimization, machine learning, control theory, formal methods, and cyber-physical systems!


I am an Assistant Professor of the Department of Computer Science & Engineering, and I am also affiliated to the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, UTC Institute for Advanced Systems Engineering, University of Connecticut. Before I join Uconn, I was a postdoc researcher at the GRASP Lab and the PRECISE Lab with Professor George J. Pappas and Professor Daniel D. Lee, Department of Electrical and Systems Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania. I got my Ph.D. degree, and the "Charles Hallac and Sarah Keil Wolf Award for Best Doctoral Dissertation" in Electrical and Systems Engineering in May 2016, with a dual Master degree of Statistics from Wharton School in August 2015, from the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA. I got my bachelor's degree of Science from Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU), Shanghai, China in June 2010 with a major in Automation and a minor in Finance.

Research Interests

The broad agenda of my work is to develop the foundations for the science of data-driven cyber-physical systems and autonomous transportation systems, to assure safety, efficiency and security. My background spans several technical fields that relevant to CPS and autonomous transportation systems, including optimization, control theory, machine learning, game theory, and formal methods.

Thus far, my research has focused on data-driven dynamic robust resource allocation for efficient autonomous transportation systems, optimal control and attack detection for CPS security, control protocol design for connected autonomous vehicles, with learning, control, and optimization approaches. In addition to system modeling, theoretical analysis, and algorithmic design, my work involves experimental validation in urban transportation data, simulators and small scale autonomous vehicles.


April 2019: Recived NSF Grant as PI for project “S&AS: FND: COLLAB: Adaptable Vehicular Sensing and Control for Fleet-Oriented Systems in Smart Cities”. This is a collaborative project with Prof. Desheng Zhang and Prof. Dimitris Metaxas from Rutgers University.

Aug 2018: Paper "Game Theoretic Security Framework for Quantum Key Distribution, Walter O. Krawec and Fei Miao" accepted by GameSec 2018.

June 2018: Project "Energy Management Systems for Subtractive and Additive Precision Manufacturing" funded by Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute.

May 2018: Project "Modeling, Analysis and Anomaly Detection for Cyber Secure Eversource Power Distribution Networks" funded by Eversource Energy, a northeast energy company.

Dec 2017: Paper "Dynamic Integration of Heterogeneous Transportation Modes under Disruptive Events, Yukun Yuan, Desheng Zhang, Fei Miao, John A. Stankovic, Tian He, George Pappas and Shan Lin
" in Proceedings of the 9th ACM/IEEE International Conference on Cyber-Physical Systems,CPSWeek, 2018. [ICCPS'18]

Nov 2017: Paper preprint "Data-Driven Robust Taxi Dispatch under Demand Uncertainties, Fei Miao, Shuo Han, Shan Lin, Qian Wang, John A. Stankovic, Abdeltawab Hendawi, Desheng Zhang, Tian He, and George J. Pappas" online, IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology (TCST), doi 10.1109/TCST.2017.2766042. [TCST17]

Aug 2017: Start position as Assistant Professor of the Department of Computer Science & Engineering, with joint appointment of the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering at University of Connecticut.

Dec 2016: Paper "Data-Driven Distributionally Robust Vehicle Balancing Using Dynamic Region Partitions, Fei Miao, Shuo Han, Abdeltawab M. Hendawi, Mohamed E. Khalefa, John A. Stankovic, and George J. Pappas" got accepted by the 8th ACM/IEEE Sixth International Conference on Cyber-Physical Systems(ICCPS), CPSWeek 2017.